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our why

Nutrition Makes a Big Difference 

We get it. Who has time for a healthy balanced meal in the morning and at lunch everyday when you're trying to beat the morning traffic, do all the work you have to do so you don't have to stay late, and then make it home in time to spend time with your family. 

Our mission at Mile Nutrition is to Provide High Quality Nutrition that is both Delicious & Convenient. In a perfect world there would be a healthy balanced & home cooked meal for breakfast lunch and dinner around the family table all together smiling and laughing... but this is the real world. And int he real world it's busy, in the real world taste matters, and most importantly in the real world people want to be healthy and energized for their day more than ever.

This is why we are here to serve the Stockton Community. Because we believe that a Healthy Smoothie and Energizing Tea Refresher is just a Better Way to Still have the things you want while getting the things you need.

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     Healthy Never Tasted so Good!


                Smoothies | Energizing Tea Refreshers | Protein Iced Coffee

Our Healthy Smoothies

Complete Meal Replacement 

21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

250 Calories or Less

Packed with Protein, Fiber, and a Taste That Will Have you Wondering How it Can Be So Healthy!

Energizing Tea Refreshers 

Low Calorie (25 calories or Less) Boost Metabolism and give you Amazing Energy. With Aloe to Help Support Nutrient Absorption. Amazing Taste with a Refreshing Feel. 

Protein Iced Coffee

Love Coffee? We got your covered! Just 2g Sugar and 100 calories with 15g of Protein. Come in two amazing flavors. 

House Blend or Mocha.

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